Shopping List and Tidbits: August 14 to August 17

Welcome to the shopping list and tidbits which is the food blog’s form of the week in review. If you regularly read the food blog, you know that I hadn’t done the shopping list and tidbits for quite some time. I had decided to focus on the cookbooks which are coming slowly but surely. However, some of you have requested that I bring this feature back so I promise to do my best!

If you’re new to this format you’ll find pantry items at the top of the list. These are things that are called for in the recipes this week but that you likely have on hand. If you don’t you’ll want to restock! More specific ingredients are listed next, under ingredients. The recipes are named and linked right next to the ingredient. At the bottom is any foodie news that we covered this week and last but definitely not least is a new feature: Mary Ann’s produce guide which includes all of the articles she’s written thus far on how to select produce!

Make Sure Your Pantry is Stocked. . .


creamy peanut butter





soy sauce


unsweetened chocolate squares

vanilla extract

whole wheat flour

Ingredients You’ll Need For This Week’s Recipes. . .

bananas The Sneaky Mama’s Peach Banana Fizzy Drink

Canned pumpkin Pumpkin Soup

chicken broth Pumpkin Soup

club soda The Sneaky Mama’s Peach Banana Fizzy Drink

cumin Pumpkin Soup

curry powder Pumpkin Soup

dry milk powder The Sneaky Mama’s Peach Banana Fizzy Drink

frozen peaches The Sneaky Mama’s Peach Banana Fizzy Drink

garlic (you’ll need 1 clove) Vegetarian Peanut Butter Noodles, Pumpkin Soup

ginger root Vegetarian Peanut Butter Noodles

Java Delight coffee flavoed syrup Coffee Fudge Brownie

Lime Pumpkin Soup

nutmeg Pumpkin Soup

onion Pumpkin Soup

rice wine vinegar Vegetarian Peanut Butter Noodles

scallions Vegetarian Peanut Butter Noodles

sesame oil Vegetarian Peanut Butter Noodles

spaghetti, or soba noodles Vegetarian Peanut Butter Noodles

sweet potatoes Pumpkin Soup

V-8 Tomato juice The Sneaky Mama’s Peach Banana Fizzy Drink

vanilla yogurt The Sneaky Mama’s Peach Banana Fizzy Drink

Tidbits for the Week

Two Utterly Useless Kitchen Gadgets. . .Here are two gadgets that I recommend every kitchen go without!

Hershey’s and Starbucks Team Up. . .Be on the lookout in retail stores for Starbuck’s branded coffee infused chocolate. (The coffee fudge brownie recipe is at the bottom of this blog.)

Making Cheese Out of Yogurt. . .This is an alternative to mayonnaise, cream cheese or sour cream. Low fat and delicious! Add herbs to use it as a dip!

Cool Cooking Tips and Hints for the Week. . .Things you never knew you could do in the kitchen!

Mary Ann’s Produce Guide

Mary Ann has been writing articles for the food blog on how to select various produce. If you haven’t read them, I highly suggest printing them and keeping them near your cookbooks or wherever you go grocery shopping so you have an easy reference before you go pick up that produce.