Should a Woman Propose?

In a previous article I described some leap traditions of women proposing to men and the bad luck that marrying during a leap year can bring.

So is it appropriate for a woman to propose to a man? I think if a large group were polled, there would likely be many different and opposing views to this question.

Women are becoming much more liberal. Women run businesses, control finances, and even run for president, as we have seen this year. So why could a woman not propose? I think that most women would say that it is completely acceptable and appropriate to propose to their man.

While I am all for women’s rights and women’s lib, I can foresee some issues that may arise from a woman proposing to a man.

He is not ready.
Most women are ready for marriage. Women tend to be more ready than men. Women are also usually ready for marriage quicker in a relationship than men. Therefore before surprising your mate and popping out the question, make sure that he is ready. You do not want to force him into something that he is not ready for. Many women feel that they must ask because their mate never will. In my thoughts, if he does not want to ask you to marry him, should you want to marry him?

Beating him to the punch line.
If your man has a proposal in mind, it may ruin his plans if you jumped ahead and pop the question. You may also miss out on a very thoughtful and romantic proposal.

He may be offended.
Some men feel that it is their duty to do the asking. If you plan to propose, you may want to bring it up casually in conversation and get his thoughts and opinions before actually doing it.
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