Should You be a Teacher?

One thing that some people are concerned about before entering the teaching field is whether of not they will make a good teacher. Some believe that good teachers can be trained and others feel that they must be born.

There is much to consider before entering college to become a teacher. First teaching is a profession that you must enjoy. It is not a job that you can simply tolerate day in and day out if you are unhappy. Many other jobs will gain you much more wealth than teaching.

There are some who spend four years in college and even complete their student teaching and get a job. After a couple of years in the classroom, they decide that the job is not for them.

There are several reasons why a person might give up on teaching. The disrespect and disruption from students is a major excuse for some to quit. Dealing with rude and unreasonable parents is another. The lack of having a good administrator can also contribute to teacher burn out. Many teachers also find that teaching is mentally and physically exhausting.

Teaching takes people who are flexible, caring, and laid back. Teachers should enjoy children and have good people skills. You must learn to overlook and be accepting of those who have different opinions than you. You must be able to be satisfied with doing your best. Teachers must make many decisions throughout the day. Some teachers break under the pressure of wondering if they made the right decision. Teachers must learn to follow their heart and do what they feel is right.

On daily basis good teachers can inspire, motivate, and challenge their students. Each day you will use communications skills, academic knowledge, and leadership skills.

Deciding whether or not you will make a good teacher may be a difficult decision to make. The best advice is to follow your heart and put a lot of consideration into the descriptions discussed above.

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