Should You Buy an iPhone 3G?

iphones With the release of the new 3G iPhone, the device is transitioning from a cool cutting edge device with status to a cool necessity still with status. What has changed?

With the previous iPhone release, there were two camps of thought. The first said “This is cool, and it is cutting edge, and I gotta have it.” The second said, “This is cool, and it is bleeding edge, and I’m going to wait until they work out the bugs and reduce the price.”

Well, now with the new 3G release, the two camps can merge into one. The first group may be purchasing an upgrade to the new iPhone, while the second group may be purchasing an iPhone for the first time. The brilliance of marketing is obvious.

Yes, now may the time to purchase an iPhone 3G. It still carries the cool status, and if you can get 3G service then this may be the phone you have been waiting for.

The improvements include the new faster network, Microsoft Exchange server e-mail, support for an incredible number of thrid-party software titles that can be purchased through the iPhone App store, and a fix to some of the call-quality issues. Battery life may still be a concern, with the iPhone only lasting a day on a charge. The battery is still not user replaceable. And while you are getting more for your money with the 3G iPhone, you’ll pay more in monthly service ($74.99 instead of $59). Take this into consideration when you check to see if you qualify for the new and current AT&T customer rate of $199 for the 8GB model and $299 for the 16GB model.

The design has been altered slightly, which some say is more of an annoyance than anything. Since the middle of the phone is thicker than the edges, it tends to rock or wobble when placed on a table. The display is the same but consists of 163 dots per inch instead of 160 dots per inch.

Two new icons grace the iPhone 3G display. One will take you directly to your phonebook, while the other will link you to the apps store.

Want to learn more about the iPhone 3G, check back again!

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