Should you hire a high-end homeschool professional

In a tongue-in-cheek article that manages to kick homeschoolers a few times in the process, a Cityfile New York article introduces an entrepreneur supplies high end teachers to affluent homeschool families. The article, Homeschooling: Not Just for Cult Members and Celebs! introduces Melissa Meyer and Teri Flemal who have founded a company called QED (Quality Education by Design). This company is very close to what my husband had envisioned homeschooling should be like had we that kind of money.

This homeschooling service is very similar to an Au-pair or nanny service, only these high paid professionals teach children in their own home. Frankly, I did not see the humor in the way the article was presented, as this is a serious subject and also a good idea for those who can afford it. Besides if you look back just 100 -150 years in US history, you will find that many students including the founders of our country were educated in this way.

For a more serious look at QED, you can go directly to the website that offers “a complete and professional alternative to traditional schooling. QED, not only offers educational professionals to homeschoolers, but also hire education professionals who would like to work in a homeschool environment.

As I mentioned earlier, this idea is not completely new. It is not unique either.

Tutors International
will help you hire homeschool tutors.

The Organization of Virginia Homeschooelers offers an Approved tutor service.

Many homeschooling parents also turn to local college professors and students to help tutor kids in areas where the parents are weak.

So, if the QED program looks attractive to you then you should check it out, but before you fork over the equivalent of a college education, make sure you explore all of your options.

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