Sick Mommy

Today I am sick. I felt it coming on this morning but hoped it was just sinus issues. Being a Monday not only was I dragging my feet and coming down with something my house is a mess from the weekend. I have four children to look after and no one to cover me on a sick day. My throat is sore, my head aches, and just pulling up my sleeves hurts. I can’t swallow without wincing in pain. Being a mom of preschooler and having a cold or flu is tough. I keep looking around my messy house thinking I need to take just five minutes to clean it up but the demands of being a mom wear me out. I wish Calgon could really take me away!

When you are a sick mommy or a preschooler you do not have the luxury of staying in bed all day. If you have older children who are of age to babysit you may have some back up throughout the day. If you live near relatives you may have someone willing to take your kids for a day to give you rest. However, that is not always possible. Sometimes we are sick and there is no back up. I have been in that position many times in my 13 years of parenting. What I did may surprise you. However, I can tell you that my oldest child is amazing so she did not suffer from my tactics.

TV can be your babysitter: GASP! Yes, I said it. Yes, I meant it. This is not some trick to get you to agree and then tell you how bad it is. When I am sick the curtains are drawn the blankets and pillows come downstairs the popcorn is popped, for the kids, and it is movie day.

Drawing: I have two children who love to draw. I give them a stack of copy paper and markers and let them draw. My floor is covered in preschool art but they are happy and I did not have to move. Getting out board games, Legos, or building blocks is another great idea.

Easy lunches: Sandwiches are easy to make even for a sick mommy. Even better, ask your husband to make a bagged lunch for your child the night before to make things even easier for you.

Just promise me you will not concern yourself with the mess. For me that is the hardest part but messes are a part of life and perfectly acceptable in times of sickness.