Sick of Thinking About Food

I probably shouldn’t say this on the food blog, but sometimes I get sick of thinking about food. Mostly it is what we will eat for dinner that is the problem.

Breakfast and lunch are usually much the same. Cereal with yoghurt and fruit, usually dried cranberries for breakfast and lunch is salad with some form of cold meat like corned silverside or roast lamb for lunch. But dinner, that’s another story. It’s often where I get stumped. Sometimes I am just so over thinking about what to cook.

A frequent conversation in our house goes like this. ‘What do your want for dinner?’ I ask.

‘I don’t know,’ Mick often answers.

‘Come on, It’s your turn to think of what we’re having. I thought up last night’s dinner,’ I say only half joking.

I admit this has only happened since Mick retired. Before then I had always planned what we having for dinner, except for weekends when it was often a more casual attitude. But now he is here all day I feel like I could do with a bit of help at times. And sometimes he is great. He comes up with an idea I may not have thought of. I am usually happy to make what he suggests.

Of course he has his favorite dishes like Jalepeno Meatballs. I was only too happy to make it the other night because he’d suggested it, I know it is a favorite of his and it was a way of saying thank you for all the work he’s been doing this week on drafts of leaflets for my upcoming book launch in a couple of weeks.

I know experts suggest you should plan your menu area of time and before you shop, and then work according to that plan. What about you? Do you plan meal in advance?

I admit I’m never found that satisfactory. Every time I have planned a meal something happens and the weather changes so it’s no longer appropriate or I get to that day and feel I simply can’t face cooking whatever it is or don’t feel like that dish. So while it works for some people it doesn’t work for me. We’ll just muddle along in this house sharing ideas about what to have for dinner.

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