Simple and Affordable Homemade Halloween Decorations

With the economy in crisis you may be reconsidering how much money you plan to spend this Halloween. One way to stay in the spirit without going broke is to make your own Halloween decorations. With a little time, patience and help from your children you can create a haunted house fitting for any little ghoul or goblin that comes knocking for treats.



Store bought wreath form

Fake Spider Webbing

1 bag plastic Halloween decorations (you can but this at the Dollar Store it contains various plastic spiders, skeletons, bugs, ghosts, etc.)


Stretch fake cobwebs over entire wreath form
Attach Halloween decorations to webbing.



Black Plastic Garbage Bags (30 gallon size works best)


Rubber Bands

Black Electric Tape

Orange Paint



Place a rubber band tightly around the each corner of a garbage bag, about 6″ from the end.

Stuff the garbage bag with several pieces of newspaper. Attach rubber band to stuffed bag to form the head. Spread out the rubber-banded sections of the bag and tape down part of each to form the ears.

Cut the bottom of the bag up to the rubber band every 3″ to make streamer-like body.

Paint a face on the garbage bag cat.

Poke a hole through the top of the bag and run string through. Reinforce hole with black electrical tape.

Hang from porch or in garage.



Clean, Empty Jar

Plaster Wrap

Plastic Bowl filled with Water

Vinyl Tape

Large Googly Eyes

Glue Gun



Hot glue googly eyes to jar.

Cut plaster wrap in 1″ by 4″ strips. Dip a strip in the bowl of water and apply to jar.

Continue dipping and applying strips, smoothing the plaster strips with wet fingers. Cover the jar completely leaving eyes peeking out.

Let dry.

Cut vinyl tape and apply strips around the top lip of the jar.

Place a tea light or a glow stick inside jar and place them in a window to greet trick-or-treaters.

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