Simple Cleaning Tips

Obviously, the best way to make cleaning less dreaded is to avoid messes in the first place. Still, having learned to manage clutter or become more organized doesn’t mean we don’t still have to clean.

While cleaning is probably my least favorite task, I do like trying to find ways to make it quicker, easier, or just less of a drudgery.

Going through and dusting surfaces to remove heavy dust, hair, and other debris makes the actual cleaning and disinfecting a lot easier. You can quickly wipe away build up with a slightly damp paper towel and toss it before ever breaking out the cleaning products.

Applying cleaning solution to heavy dust will make a mess and hair or other matter will stick to a damp cloth. Get rid of all the built up mess first with the paper towel and then get down to cleaning, disinfecting, polishing, etc.

I use paper towels for germ prone areas as well, so I can just throw them in the wastebasket, tie up the bag, and throw the germs out with the trash. Use disposable cloths, paper towels or cleaning wipes for cleaning things like toilet seats, the toilet rim, and the base of the toilet and then just toss them.

I also like to use them for really grimy areas. Say your husband worked on the car and then washed his hands (in the sink you just cleaned). Apply your favorite cleanser, let it sit for a few moments while you tackle another task, and then come back to the sink with a cloth or wipe that you can simply throw out when done. This is a much easier method, since you won’t have to launder greasy rags or worry about getting that stuff in your washing machine. Just toss the wipe, rinse the sink, and you’re done!