Simple Easter Project

Time is ticking down to the great sugar rush. My daughter has a list made to leave out for the Easter Bunny in hopes that she can persuade him to leave a few toys instead of the traditional chocolate eggs and pretty Peeps.

Wishful thinking, kiddo.

She also wants to leave out something more for the bunny (besides carrots) to sweeten him up a bit, you know, just in case. Of course, she came to me to see what “goodies” I had to leave out. I suggested lettuce, but upon further consideration I decided that it might make the bunny happier if we made him a photo Easter egg.

We’ve made these colorful Easter eggs emblazoned with photos of family members and friends in the past, but it doesn’t take much time or effort to construct a new batch, so we went at it.

If you would like to make the eggs to give out as gifts on Easter or you simply want to hang them around the house, here’s how to do it:



Your favorite photos

Hard Boiled Eggs, Plastic Eggs, or Blown Eggs


Computer paper

Decoupage glue

Paint brush


Print your picture onto regular computer paper (do not use photo paper).
Draw an oval (or any other shape—I’ve done hearts and flowers) about the size of the egg onto the picture.

Cut the photo using your drawing as a guide and snip 1/2 inch slices around the edge about 1/4 of an inch apart.

Use the paint brush to apply a coat of decoupage glue on the front of the egg.

Place your picture onto the egg and gently press the edges to the egg working in a clockwise direction. When the picture is adhered to the egg (make sure to eliminate all bubbles and creases), brush a coat of the decoupage glue over the picture.

Allow the glue to dry then add embellishments such as paint, glitter or ribbon.

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