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When I was a preschool teacher one of my favorite monthly activities was to put up a new bulletin board. I loved coming up with creative and fun ideas. Every month it would include a fun saying like, “Fishin’ for Letters” or “Take a Step into Preschool.”

With all of the bulletin boards that I created, I found my pile of cut-out letters and numbers began to really accumulate. Pretty soon I had every letter of the alphabet in a wide range of colors. So I came up with a great way to organize them that have carried on into my scrapbooking.

I bought one of those plastic index card containers. Then I had labels for each letter of the alphabet. As an example, behind the label “A,” I had all of my A’s in a variety of colors. When it came time to decorate my bulletin boards, it was easy to pull out the right letters.

I am no longer a preschool teacher but I still love using those index card containers. You can file stickers by letter or category. You can file cut outs, whether they are theme-related pictures or letters. Some of the smaller items that are used in scrapbooking can be the most difficult to keep organized. An index card container can really help.

Another one of my favorite organizational tools are binders. I love binders. I use them for a variety of things, everything from holding recipes to my children’s schoolwork. But I also use them in scrapbooking. Page protectors are a great place to store larger pieces of paper or stickers. One page protector could hold buttons, another ribbons and so forth. Binders are easy to file away, standing them upright on a shelf. Then you label the outside of the binder so you know what is inside.

These are just some simple and inexpensive organizational tips that can help contain all of the things you need for scrapbooking.

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