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Scrapbooking doesn’t have to be hard, expensive or time consuming. Despite what you might think after browsing through a scrapbook supply shop teeming with bazillions of high-tech tools, embellishments and state-of-the-art memory books, your own album can be as streamlined as you wish.

Which is not to say that simple has to be boring. My very first scrapbook was inspired by a cross-country trip I took during college. To say that it was simple would be a severe understatement. It consisted primarily of photos, memorabilia and a few stickers—-that’s about it.

Still, I look back at it and recall all the fun I had making my way west to California in a two-door red Chevy and a bunch of cassette tapes to keep me company. Personally, I feel vacations make for some of the best scrapping material. And with the summer season fast approaching, I thought it would be appropriate to share some tips for creating uncomplicated vacation memory books:

Candid Camera: One of the biggest mistakes beginner scrapbookers make when designing their first album is having only posed pictures to choose from. When you know you want a certain shot in a scrapbook, it’s natural to have subjects position themselves just right for the camera. However, you will find that it is so much easier to create unique layouts if you intersperse the posed shots with some candid ones. Instead of having your kids pose in front of every landmark you visit on vacation, snap some natural shots of them running after seagulls, flying a kite, eating Popsicles or watching the sunset.

Journaling: Leave some space for journaling when designing pages for a vacation scrapbook. Journaling allows you to share experiences and note the details you might not be able to capture in photos, such as the sounds and smells of your vacation destination. Remember to jot down the date of your visit, describe what the weather was like and note what you ate while you were there.

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