Simple Ways to Preserve Easter Memories

Pretty Easter dresses, bonnets, bunnies and flowers. These are just some of the many holiday images you likely gathered today. Now that Easter is just about over, the next step is to start figuring out how to display all the memories you captured.

For starters, review all of the Easter-related photos you snapped. Then, ask yourself if you have enough to create a comprehensive layout. If not, you might consider adding a few spring-themed images, such as daffodils, Easter baskets, baby birds, a cross or some fluffy chicks. These generic spring subjects can help supplement traditional Easter shots taken of egg hunts, kids eating candy or your family members dressed in their Sunday best.

If you want to jazz up your layout with journaling, then it’s important to jot down anecdotes and other Easter memories while they are still fresh in your mind. Was your day filled with food, fun and games? If so, create a list of some of the most memorable dishes or the funniest parts of your family get-together. Next, ask your kids what they thought about the holiday. Do they have specific highlights you can add to a journaling block?

Finally, if you haven’t done so already, select special scrapbook paper to showcase your Easter memories. Best Creations, Inc. features phenomenal 12×12 double-sided glitter paper in a variety of Easter themes. In addition, Karen Foster Design offers an array of colorful Easter-themed paper with amazing graphics that range from whimsical to religious. The patterned paper perfectly complements photos of your children dying eggs or looking for them at a public hunt or in your back yard. For photos that are a bit more detailed and wild, such as your children’s messy faces covered with melted chocolate or marshmallow creme, consider using plain paper and letting the focus remain on the entertaining shots.

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