Simplify Your Kitchen and Get the Room You Always Wanted

minimal kitchen Creating a simple, organized and calm kitchen may be easier than you think. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and having a place of peace where you can gather with your friends and family to create warm filling meals can change the whole atmosphere of your home. If dread walking into your kitchen now because of the pile of dishes, the stack of mail, the sticky countertops, then know that it doesn’t need to be this way. It all starts with simplifying your kitchen in a number of ways that turns it from just a utility room into a haven.

Remove the Distractions

Remove anything that is negative in the room, which usually translates into clutter. Small appliances that you purchased with good intentions but never used or use only infrequently should be removed. They tend just to be a source of guilt. Every time you look at that pasta maker or bread maker or yogurt maker do you feel badly that you haven’t gotten to using them? Give them a better home and move on. Any broken small appliances should be tossed. You won’t really get around to fixing them, will you?

The piles of school paper work, mail and coupons are another source of clutter. Move bills to a desk or bill paying area and get rid of the rest. If you like your coupons, move them to an empty drawer or buy a pretty box for the purpose.

One big source of kitchen clutter is that collection of plastic storage pieces, some of which probably don’t have their lids. Toss anything that isn’t a match (if you find its mate later, toss that, too) and just keep the minimum number of pieces that you absolutely need. For most people this is just five or six pieces.

Have Routines

Having regular routines to maintain your kitchen means that you will never have to walk into a messy kitchen. Train each family member to clean up after they have used something. This clean up should include putting food back into the refrigerator, rinsing dishes and putting them in the dishwasher, picking up crumbs and wiping down any spills. Each evening, make sure that countertops, appliance handles and the sink is wiped down. Set your coffee maker so that is ready to go in the morning, and do some prep for breakfast, such as putting out bowls for cereal, or mixing up pancake batter and placing it in the fridge. The simpler you can make everything, the easier it will be.

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