Single Moms Going Back to School – Part One

I remember after going through a divorce, feeling as if something were missing. Sure, I was still a great mom to my kids and I worked full-time but I also remember thinking I wanted to do something so I could provide a better life not just for my kids but myself too. At first, I thought the idea of going back to school was ridiculous. After all, I had concerns over having time, being able to afford extra daycare and not spending quality time with my children – and so on.

What I discovered is that the opportunities were outstanding due to the internet. As a single mom, I found that I could complete my education in the privacy of my own home, being with my children while still bettering myself. We all preach to our children how important it is to further education but sometimes, we forget about ourselves. I did go to college and finished my degree. Today, I have a successful career and while working toward it, my kids did not pay a heavy price. Therefore, I wanted to provide several articles specific to going to school as a single mom!

Interestingly, the number of re-entry or adults students signing up for online education is growing. The average age falls between 25 and 69, with females, outnumbering males. With so many possibilities, you can return to school and become just about anything you want while still being home with the kids. As you can imagine, this eliminates tremendous stress and financial burden. Some mothers will do work online while the children have gone to bed or early in the morning to ensure time with the family is not disrupted.

The number of single parents now enrolling in college is up by 7.6% from 10 years ago. In fact, of all students, 13% are comprised of single parents. While economics play a huge role, you may also enjoy going back to school to learn a new hobby or take up a different career. Additionally, you could take online courses to better an existing career. Remember, with the online opportunity, you can pace yourself according to your life. Attending school the traditional way by going to a campus is much different from earning your degree online.

Taking care of the children is obviously the most important and honorable responsibility you have but because of the avenues you can take with online education, you can still be a wonderful mom and be good to you. Another benefit many single moms find with online education is by not having to mingle with younger students who prefer the more traditional approach. No matter what your overall reason for going to college via internet, you can do something wonderful for you and your family in a convenient and efficient manner.

Single Moms Going Back to School – Part Two

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