Single Parenting is Hard

Let’s face it. No matter how hard we try, or what we say or do – single parenting is difficult. The world changes around us each day. New things come onto our plates, and we try to acclimate and adjust, yet still the act of parenting a child or children is difficult when there is only one of us around. You are trying to be two parents at once, even when the other parent is still involved. And even when the other parent is still involved, situations arise that become difficult to face, accept and move on from.

So what are we as single parents supposed to do? Well, that is the part that is really no different than parenting in any other way. We learn, we seek advice, we look to others who have gone through or may be going through what we are going through.

One of the best pieces of advice I have ever heard as a single parent, is to look for other single parents. Whether this is online for you, or in a support group or simply another parent at your child’s school or in your community, you need a friend or someone who can relate somewhat to what you are going through.

A healthy single mom or single dad can mean a world of difference to a child. We’re human, so we don’t know all the answers. While we might be able to accept that single parenting is difficult, we might also realize that there are ways to combat that and rise above it. If you haven’t realized that yet, please take some time to do that. We are strong individuals who have either chosen this lifestyle, or are learning to live with this lifestyle. Either way, we are in this together.

Single parenting might be difficult, but surrounding ourselves with people who care about us, understand us, support us and possibly relate to us, is one of the best things we can do.

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