Single Parenting Strategies

When you become a new single parent, life will indeed change. While some of the changes might be difficult, others could actually be positive. Surviving single parenting means you need good strategies. For instance, make sure new ground rules are set. Remember, life is going to change somewhat so you could keep many of the same rules but you will also need some new rules. Remember, with just one parent in the home, your time is going to be crunched more than usual. Putting ground rules in place will cut back on confusion and problems.

In addition, especially early after the divorce, your children are going to need solid support and encouragement. Many times, children will carry the burden of divorce on their shoulders, somehow believing they are at fault. Although you want the kids to mind and follow rules of the house, be prepared to be a little more patient and a lot more loving. One option is to offer your children praise. Make sure they know their behavior, dress, attitude, performance, and achievements are noticed.

In some cases, children coming out of a divorced home will go through a mad or rebellious stage. Chances are your authority will be tested from time to time. First, understand this type of misbehavior is not because you suddenly have a bad kid but because he or she is struggling with adjustment. In this case, do not allow your child to push your buttons but understand with firmness and love, you can redirect the behavior turning it into something positive. Second, allow your child time to adjust. Most children will come around and find their own place but on occasion, children need counseling to deal with the changes experienced.

Use strategies such as time-out and even lost privileges. While the children may squawk, the discipline is actually providing them with a much-needed foundation. After all, most kids today will admit that when parents provide discipline, they feel loved and secure. Divorce is difficult for everyone all around but with boundaries and realistic expectations, life will go on.

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