Sisters in Sweat

Ladies — are you trying to lose weight, but can not find the right type of support? Have you seen Sisters in Sweat? Sisters in Sweat was created by four women who discovered what worked for them and who want to share it with every other woman out there. It is a testament to the women who use in-home walking as an effective exercise program.

I “met” Stephanie Jette through an e-mail. She is an acquaintance of my father and she had heard that I write about websites. The rest, as they say, is history. Stephanie lost over 110 pounds, 100 of which she lost in a mere nine months. Her weight loss story will be featured in the October 24th issue of “Woman’s World,” so I told her that I would go ahead and let our women readers at know about Sisters in Sweat.

This inspirational website features the weight loss stories of four women, along with information about what helped them through. For the most part, these women used the products of Leslie Sansone to help them with their exercise program. You may know Leslie Sansone as the woman on the “Walk Away the Pounds” videos. Just so you know, this site is NOT a part of Ms. Sansone’s company. These women simply want others to know that Leslie’s products have worked for them and they can work for you, too.

You can check out Sisters in Sweat and join the community for free. They have a forum that they call The Water Cooler where women can talk about their exercise programs, diet plans, and even just things in their everyday lives. It is a place where women can share their thoughts and feelings with other women in similar situations. Each woman has her own special section of Sisters in Sweat where she shares her personal story and offers tips. My favorite part of the site is Deb’s Diner, where Deb offers healthy meal ideas and recipes. The bonus is that she includes nutrition facts along with each recipe. How many websites do you know that do that?

There are suggestions for walking programs that go from beginning walkers to extreme walkers. Each program offers tips that are appropriate for each level of the program. They tell you which of Leslie Sansone’s products are best at each level, along with little extras such as how much water to drink per day and how you should be eating. Don’t forget to visit your support center at The Water Cooler!

Overall, I have to say that this website is awesome. When I finally get the motivation to begin an exercise program, I will most likely turn to these lovely ladies for support. I like the idea of communicating with a group of women who were once at the stage where I will begin. You can get support here too, ladies. Have fun with Sisters in Sweat!

And don’t forget to check out the October 24th issue of “Woman’s World” for Stephanie Jette’s weight loss story!

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