Skating – Winter Fun for the Entire Family

Ice skating is great exercise and great fun, making this an ideal outdoor recreation for family members of all ages!

Many cities now offer outdoor skating rinks, which creates a fun and exciting atmosphere. Depending on where you live, some skating rinks are covered so that even in bad weather, you can enjoy time on the ice. In addition, some people are fortunate enough to live where frozen lakes are a dime a doze. If you want to spend some time with the family, you should consider a trip to the ice. However, as with any outdoor activity, it is important that you follow specific safety guidelines.

For starters, make sure you wear skates that actually fit and are comfortable. The goal is to wear skates that provide enough ankle support that you will not fall (at least as much). Now, if you have your own skates, be sure to have the blades professionally sharpened at the beginning of the new winter season. With this, the blades will grab the ice better, making the experience more enjoyable.

Another safety precaution is to skate only on areas where you know the ice is strong enough. Obviously, skating rinks would be ideal. However, if you live near a frozen lake, always check with local experts to make sure the thickness of the ice has been tested. If the ice has been deemed too thin, pay attention, as the last thing you want is to fall through. Even when the ice has been approved for skating, always pay attention to cracks and holes. Then, for outdoor lakes and ponds, keep a watchful eye for debris, which could cause a nasty and unexpected fall.

When skating outdoors, be sure to wear warm clothing to stay warm. However, when you begin to feel cold or tired, stop to rest. Finally, never skate alone when spending time on a frozen lake or pond. If you have never skated before nor have little experience on the ice, it would probably benefit to have a couple of lessons to learn the basics of stopping and safe falling.

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