Skin Tags in Pregnancy

If you have noticed small growths of skin on your body, they may be skin tags. This is just one of the many changes you will notice in your skin during your pregnancy. Skin tags are very common among pregnant women.

There are some common areas where skin tags are most likely to appear during pregnancy. Skin tags generally tend to occur in areas where the skin rubs against tight clothing. Under the bra either on your torso or under the arm are common areas where skin tags tend to develop.

As you gain weight, clothing tends to become tighter, which increases the likelihood of developing skin tags. The more weight you gain, the more likely it is that you will develop skin tags. While they can’t be prevented, gaining less weight is can result in fewer skin tags.

Skin tags are caused by an increased growth of the skin cells. This is a normal part of pregnancy. Changes in hormones contribute to the growth of the skin cells. There isn’t much that can be done to prevent skin tags from developing during pregnancy.

In most cases, skin tags don’t cause any problems, other than aesthetically. If your bra is getting too tight, this can cause friction. The friction can result in irritation. The best way to avoid this is to avoid wearing clothing that is too tight. If your bras are getting tight, invest in some new ones.

Unlike other skin changes that occur during pregnancy, skin tags generally don’t disappear after the baby is born. If the look of the skin tags is bothersome, they can be removed by a dermatologist. This is a simple procedure that is done in the office and isn’t very expensive. They can be removed with liquid nitrogen or by cauterizing.

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