“Skinny B-tch”: Don’t Buy It!

PETA is coming out in full force these days. They claim that Brittney Spears’ problems are a result of her diet and now they’ve had two of their own publish what has been described as a “vegan manifesto” masquerading as a diet book.

Veganism is a form of vegetarianism that rejects meat as well as any food that contains animal products such as milk, cheese, eggs, and honey.

First of all, the authors of this book know nothing about weight loss. Their purpose in writing this book is not to help you lose weight but to mentally abuse you and get you to stop eating anything that has animal products in it – and not necessarily in that order. Their purpose is political, not wellness related. One of the authors left her modeling career to get a degree in holistic nutrition at an unaccredited school for alternative health while the other is a former modeling agent who claims to be a self-taught know-it-all. These are not the kind of people you get realistic weight loss advice from!

This book, written in 2005, only hit bestseller status because Victoria Beckham was once photographed with a copy of it in her hand. (Remind me when I finally publish my novel to slip it into Posh’s hands and have a photographer standing by to get the picture.) Posh has admitted to having never read a book in her life but people still seem to be willing to buy any book they see in her hands when a paparazzi snaps a picture.

The authors actually admit that their purpose is not to help people lose weight. They chose the title that grabs you by the throat so that it would sell the book. Their purpose is to convert as many unsuspecting people as possible to their religion – veganism.

They fill the book with abusive statements like “you need to exercise, you lazy sh-t” and
“don’t be a fat pig anymore”. Seriously, folks, abuse like that is not what a person struggling with obesity or even a person trying to lose 5-10 pounds needs. We abuse ourselves enough as it is with negative self talk. We don’t need to be mollycoddled but buying a book just to get abused by the authors is a bit over the top.

This book will tell you what happens to cows and chickens on assembly lines and it will tell you about carbon footprints and the blessings of bean curd. What it will not do is help you to lose weight and stay healthy.

Don’t buy it!

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