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One thing about having sleep apnea is that I am learning a great deal more about adjusting my sleep schedule and habits. Sleep is vital to our every day activities whether it’s working, parenting, writing, excercising or just living — we need to sleep. Sleeping improves our mental acuity, our learning and our memory. So what happens when you don’t get enough sleep or your sleep quality is poor: decreased mental acuity, decreased learning and decreased memory.

Doesn’t sound fun, eh?

So what is a person to do? What can you do, right now, today to get more sleep? To feel more alert? To maximize your benefits from your exercise routine? Here’s a few key tips provided to me by the sleep specialists at the center where I am getting assistance on my sleep apnea.

The Same Bed Time

It may sound boring, but there’s a reason why we put our kids to bed at the same time every night. Scheduling your sleep keeps your body clock in rhythm and helps you resist the urge to sleep through your alarm and also lets you get in a regular amount of sleep every night.

Skip the Late Night Snacks

Eating right before you go to bed can lead to heartburn that will wake you up and may even create muscle fatigue if you chow down on empty calories before sleeping and going still for hours.

Drink Water

Skip your other drinking choices and drink water instead. Water won’t keep you up, it will hydrate you and will help you sleep more comfortably.

Exercise Regularly

Sleeping well can help you maintain a regular exercise schedule and regular exercise can help you sleep well. If you exercise early in the day, you jumpstart your metabolism, waking you up and energizing you. If you exercise late in the day (not long before bed) it does the same thing and can actually disrupt your sleep schedule.

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