Slipcovers are much less expensive than replacing large pieces of furniture, and you can use them to quickly update or coordinate a space. There are many different options, from custom made to pre-made designs, but you can also make your own.

Slipcovers are a staple for home decorating shows, but they require a bit more time and patience than what you see on TV. However, many decorating shows also have websites that offer complete instructions. If you want to slipcover a large chair, love seat, or sofa, you can follow the instructions given at Decorating Challenge (scroll down to second project).

Another terrific option is Fitting Pretty Slipcover Kits, which will help you create simple no-sew slipcovers. The slipcover kits will allow you to fashion slipcovers from sheets or other fabric, in a matter of minutes. They are affordable and simple to use.

If you prefer to purchase a slipcover, consider a Stretch and Cover slipcover. They are more fitted than typical designs. You can choose a one-piece design, or use it along with seat cushion covers for a more upholstered look.

If you want to slipcover a futon cushion, you can create a simple cover, much like a duvet cover, by sewing two sheets or large pieces of fabric together. If you don’t want to sew, use hook and loop fastener, or hem tape to attach the two pieces. On the other hand, you can also create a patchwork cover from towels. Terry cloth is a durable, washable fabric that works great in casual spaces.

To slipcover dining chairs or other straight back chairs, slip on pillowcases. You can embellish the pillowcases with lace or trim. If the pillowcases are too loose, simply take them in. Just turn the pillowcase inside out, slip it over the chair, pin along one side until you get a snug fit. Remove the pillowcase, cut off the extra fabric, and sew or apply hem tape along the pinned edge. Turn right side out and place on the chair.