Small Embellishment Storage and Organization: Getting Started

Small embellishments can be a real problem, when you are organizing your scrapbook space. Typically the reason is, because we tend to have so many different items. From buttons to eyelets. And brads, beads and charms too. It is just a chaotic mess, when you don’t know proper storage methods.

First things first, you must figure out how you want to organize your embellishments. Not how you want to store them, but how you want to organize them before you store them. While there are dozens of ways to organize small embellishments, my preferred method is to first organize by type of embellishment, and then by color. I have seen others using color sorting, and they tend to mix all buttons, brads, eyelets and other items by color in one storage item. For me, sorting through hundreds of micro eyelets, for four tiny eyelets that all match, can be a real pain. And if I had to sort everything by color and had to weed through all the buttons, snaps and other items I had, for a brad, I would simply go crazy. If you sort them by color, you stand a much better chance of finding what you want, at a much more rapid rate.

Once you have decided how you want to organize your small embellishment stash, you will then need to look at storage options. The first thing to consider in this step, is where you plan to actually store your embellishments. Some scrapbookers prefer to keep them on shelves, while others prefer to hide them away in a portable soft sided bag. I am not really partial to one over the other, but it is important for you to figure this out first.

Next step is to pick the storage item that works best for you. If you use the items often, that will be an important aspect to consider.

Popular storage items include:

  • Plastic Floss Containers
  • Small stackable swinging lid eyelet containers
  • Glass jars
  • Caboodle/or Make Up Totes
  • Fishing Tackle Boxes
  • Hardware Drawers
  • Floss baggies in a small binder

Watch the scrapbook blog tomorrow, for the next part of this article!