Small Embellishment Storage and Organization: Pulling It All Together

There is simply no right or wrong way to sort, or organize your small embellishments. What you need to factor in, is the cost of your storage supplies, and how much of a budget for organizing you are on, as well as where you plan to store the items once you get them organized and into their proper storage containers. Space is very often another consideration.

In an earlier article, I discussed sorting the embellishments to prepare them for actual storage. I also gave you some ideas of storage items you can use to store all these tiny embellishments. Hopefully, you have chosen the method you would prefer, but if you haven’t, more articles are on their way about the various items and what would fit perfectly in them. You will find these posted in the organization section of the scrapbooking blog.

Once you have finished sorting everything, and have chosen a storage method, it is time to get to work getting everything put together. It can also take some trial and error before you find your perfect storage method for small embellishments. They are a tricky supply, and more embellishments are continuously being added to our scrapbooking supply stash. I have gone through about eight different methods starting some time in 1995.

Although I currently don’t have my embellishments stored the way I would prefer, my favorite method, is in various sized glass jars. The reason I want to change, when I get my new room set up, is that I really like the clean look of the rainbow of colors on the shelves. Visibility for me, means productivity on layouts.

Right now, mine are stored in a Flambeau Soft Sided Fishing Tackle Box.

The reason I like my current method, is that I can bring it with me, whenever I teach a class or attend a crop or workshop. It’s portable.

But if you are truly organized, you would already have page kits ready for when you attend these events, and you would already know what embellishments you need for a given layout. I am not that organized just yet. While I do make page kits, I don’t always have everything I need before hand. I have been known to decide that instead of adhering a photo mat with adhesive, I might rather use a brad.

So what is your favorite small embellishment storage method, and why?