Smash those irrational beliefs (1)

broken glassMany of us lead limited lives, never reaching our full potential because of irrational beliefs. Somewhere during the course of our early life, we have picked up these beliefs and made them our own.

But we can change the way we think about ourselves. We can actively replace these self-limiting beliefs with a whole new set of ideas that, in time, will help us to accept ourselves and lead more fulfilling lives. Most, if not all irrational beliefs are lies, and replacing them with the truth can help us see the world and ourselves in a far more realistic light. This makes for less stress, anxiety, and depression. And more happiness and contentment!

Here is a list of some of the most common irrational beliefs that people experience together with examples of more rational beliefs that were can replace them with:

Irrational belief:
I must have love and approval from all the important people in my life.

I love and accept myself. I don’t need approval from others to be happy. If I do get it, it’s an added bonus.

Irrational belief:
I must do everything perfectly, or at least be a master in at least one area of my life.

If I do the best that I can most times, that is good enough. I don’t have to be perfect. And doing something in a less than perfect way is far better than never attempting it at all.

Irrational belief:
A person or situation is making me angry, depressed, sad, drink, talk drugs.

I am in control of the thoughts that I have that are making me angry, depressed, etc. It may be valid to feel angry, but it is my thoughts that are causing my feelings, not the person or the situation. I am in control, not them/it.

Irrational belief:
The way I feel today is influenced by what happened to me in the past. Therefore I will always feel this way.

The past influences my present as much as I allow it to do so. My thoughts about the past affect my present and my future, but I have ultimate control over the thoughts that I choose to think.

Next blog, more irrational belief smashing!

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