Creating and sharing digital scrapbook pages is becoming more popular with the creation of online sites with tools that make it so easy. is a new site with many fun and creative possibilities.

You can create a nice variety of items on this site that you can share with others. This is not only for scrapbookers, but anyone who wants to share photos in a creative way. You just need to upload your photos to the site and then you can let the fun begin.

One option that you have on the site is to create greeting cards. This would be a fun (and less expensive) way to send out birth announcements, birthday invitations, birthday wishes or Christmas cards. They have a variety of templates you can choose from and then you add your text. You can also add movement and music to your greeting.

You can also create your own slideshow using their pre-built template. You just upload the photos and then the user can click through the photos using the arrows on the screen. This can also be set to music.

If you are someone who is interested in doing so scrapbooking, but not ready to commit to all of the necessary supplies, then Smilebox has a great option for you. With your upload photos, you just place them into their layouts. With over 100 choices, you are sure to find something that matches the occasion. My favorite part about this scrapbook option is that you can have a grouping of small, cropped photos on the page and then you can click on one of the small photos and it fills the place of the large photo on the page. So the pictures can be viewed is two sizes on the same layout. You can also music and your own text to the page.

You can also create a photobook. This looks similar to the scrapbook pages, but they are presented so that it looks like a two-page book. You can have pictures fade in and just like all of the other options; you can add your text and music.

The final creation offered at Smilebox is postcards. These are very similar to the scrapbook layouts because you can have cropped photos that you then click on and enlarge on the postcard.

There are demos available on the site and you can also see all of the templates available for each option. This service is free!

Hope that you can fun creating and sharing your creations with!