Snapping Above Average Scrapbook Photos

You can buy the fanciest album in the world and decorate your layouts with the most expensive embellishments EVER, but if your pictures are ugly, then your entire scrapbook is really nothing more than a waste of time and money.

In order to snap scrapbook worthy shots, follow these simple tips:

Shutter Lag Alert: Shutter lag is that aggravating delay between the time you press the shutter button and the time the camera actually takes the shot. If you are not careful, shutter lag can cause blurry pictures. You can avoid this by pressing the shutter button halfway down until you’re ready to take the actual photo. Then, when you have your subject framed just right, press the button until you capture the image.

Activate the Action Feature: Most digital cameras come with an “Action” shooting mode for sports or other action shots. The feature automatically optimizes your shutter speed to help capture motion.

Manipulate Manual Mode: Knowing how to manipulate your camera’s Manual mode settings will go a long way to help you capture the best shots possible. Look for the ISO settings and adjust them according to your shooting conditions. The general rule is: the lower the light, the lower the ISO setting. The more light you have to shoot with, the higher the ISO setting. So, if you are shooting outside on a bright summer day, then manually set your ISO to 100. Conversely, if you are trying to take pictures in a dark room, then increase your ISO setting to 1600. Just keep in mind that high ISO settings often result in grainy shots, which is why it is important to preview your shots on your camera’s LCD before pressing the shutter button.

Adjust Shutter Speed: You can also modify this feature in the Manual mode. Shutter speed determines how fast your camera’s shutter opens and closes while you are taking a picture. Long shutter speeds are preferable when shooting moving subjects, such as runners or speeding cars. By setting your shutter speed to 1/250th or higher you allow more light in and the chances of successfully freezing the moving subject increases.

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