So THANKFUL for Scrapbooking

In the season of Thanksgiving, and all things yummy, I am thankful for many things. Just one of which is scrapbooking. While it may seem trivial to some, or a “waste” of time and money, I am truly grateful for this hobby which means so much to me. Since Thanksgiving was yesterday, hopefully we all had the chance to express to our friends and loved ones the more important things that we are thankful for like good health, family, friends, etc. But, just for fun, today, I want to express the things I am thankful for about Scrapbooking.

1. It cheers me up. I know this may sound crazy to some, but to me, it is a reality. In fact, at one point in my life, Scrapbooking was my saving grace. Right after I had my first child, I suffered from postpartum depression. I had my first baby, and my husband was in graduate school and very busy. We had one car which he had to take with him, and I was stuck in a big city, away from family and friends in a small apartment with a newborn. It was rough. But, I had this precious child that I was so in love with, and scrapbooking about her saved me from sadness. It made me so happy to have something to do. It became my obsession, and pulled me out of being sad about other things.

2. I like pretty paper. My absolute favorite thing to go shopping for is paper. My pulse starts to race a little when I see a paper that inspires me. If I can splurge on anything in the scrapbooking world, it is paper. I’m thankful for all of those designers that create those beauties so that I can turn around and create something beautiful myself.

3. I am using my mind. As a stay at home Mom, sometimes I feel like my days are full of diapers, and chores, grocery store trips, and cleaning. Scrapbooking is my escape from all that. It is a chance to use my creative mind. I think if I didn’t have the chance to use my mind….I just might lose it. Ever heard that saying, “Use it or lose it?” Or something like that.

4. My White Signo Uniball Pen. This is one of my tools that is just so fun, and so useful. I’m thankful for whoever invented this pen…..Mr. Signo? Well, whoever it is, I’m thankful for that person. I love to use a white pen on my layouts, and you all know how much I love to doodle. So, with this pen in hand, I am one happy scrapper!

What is it about Scrapbooking that you are thankful for?

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