Some “Freebies” From Insurance Companies

smartphone Every once in a while, insurance companies will offer people something for free. Usually this takes the form of a one time giveaway, a ringtone, downloadable wallpaper, or an app. Often, these “freebies” are fun, and designed to encourage people to think about that particular insurance company. The insurer’s hope is that you will consider them when you need to buy some insurance.

The coolest “freebie” that I have ever gotten from an insurance company came from Allstate. Earlier this year, they were giving away free t-shirts that featured their “spokesman”, a character named Mayhem. At the time, all you had to do was get a quote for auto insurance from Allstate, and you were able to select from one of a few different Mayhem inspired t-shirt designs. It took a while, but I eventually did receive my free Mayhem t-shirt.

Allstate is no longer offering this “freebie”, but, judging the the “wall” on Mayhem’s Facebook page, there are a lot of people who would like Allstate to offer this “freebie” again.

Allstate does have a free app called “Goodride”. Use this app to keep track of trip related data. You can use it to plan out a route, and to log your ride (which means storing information about your route, timing, and miles). You can also store information about the maintenance that was done on your vehicle. The app will alert you to when you need to get more work done.

Allstate also has a free app called “Tag In”. It allows you to send a quick message, and your GPS location to your friends and family, to let them know that you arrived at your destination. It works like a text, and you can contact an entire group at the same time.

Geico has some fun “freebies” that are available right now. You can download several Geico ringtones for free. When someone calls your cell phone, it could sound like the Geico Gecko, (who admonishes you about not calling your mum very often). Or, your phone could make the “Wheeeee!” sound that the “little piggy” in one of their commercials made (all the way home). Those are just a few choices. There are plenty!

Geico has a strange little free app called “BroStache”. Choose from many different photos of mustaches. When you select one, your smartphone will display it across the screen. Now, you can hold it up to your face, and talk to your friends. The BroStache app will make the mouth on the screen that is under the mustache move to match what you are saying. This app is good for some free, pointless, amusement!

Progressive has some fun “freebies” for people who are big fans of their “spokeswoman”, Flo. On Flo’s Facebook page, you can download “Fun Pack #1”. This gives you wallpaper that features Flo, in the form of a bobblehead. Or, you can choose the wallpaper that shows Flo with a bunch of unicorns.

“Fun Pack #1” also gives you a free ringtone that you can download. It says it is a “funky little tune”. It looks like more Fun Packs are planned, so you may want to check Flo’s Facebook page to see what those Fun Packs will give you when they become available.

Image by digitpedia on Flickr