Something To Hold On To

I love how the gospel accounts are so different, each one inspired by God but reflecting the personality of the individual. The logical and ordered mind of Luke, the doctor, set out to write a factual ordered account to help Theophilus as well as anyone who reads this gospel, understand more of Jesus.

Interestingly Luke was not a Jew, yet the starts his account with the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecy of the one who would prepare people for the Savior God would send. This was John the Baptist. Luke had obviously got a lot of his information from Mary, the mother of Jesus or her cousin Elizabeth to know all the details he did.

He sets the date in the time of Herod and gives the specifics of Zacharias and Elizabeth and their family lines. Both Zacharias and Elizabeth were descended from the priestly line of Aaron.

It is interesting too how many times God used a barren woman, and changed their circumstances and in the process fulfilled his purposes. There was Sarah, Rebekah, and Hannah, just to mention a few. This should encourage us that this God of ours can do the impossible and change our circumstances too and achieve His purposes.

When given the message of a son, Zacharias did into respond as Abraham did. He wanted to know the how of it. How it would happen. ‘How I will know for certain?’ he demanded. He got his certainty but at a cost. He lost his voice till the birth occurred.

Are you and I like Zacharias and refuse to take God at His Word? Do we insist on a sign or proof that what He says is true? If we refuse to believe, we might be required to suffer the consequences of our unbelief. It doesn’t alter God’s truth.

What God says will happen does. Elizabeth became pregnant just as God said she would. This should give us confidence to believe God has power over all circumstances and what He says will happen, always does.

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