Sorting and Organizing Photos

We all know what a challenge it can be to keep our photos organized. I would like to share a few things that have helped me keep the piles of pictures sorted and somewhat under control.

These will be suggestions for smaller groups of photos that you wish to organize for scrapbooking. In a blog written by Nicole, she shares some great ideas on organizing a large backlog of photos.

Order/develop photos on a schedule. I use a digital camera and upload my pictures to an online service ( Every three months, I order all of the pictures that I plan to scrapbook that have been taken since my last photo order. This always gives me plenty of pictures (around 200-300 photos) to work on for the next three months.

Organize photos by album. Once you have your photos, organize them into piles; one pile for each album that you are going to use with these pictures. For example, I have an album for each of my three kids, a family album and special smaller gift or theme albums.

Organize photos by page. Take the stack of photos that you have determined will go into a specific album and then make one pile for each scrapbook page that you plan to create. You may want one pile for a birthday layout, another for a fun day at the park layout and another pile of pictures for a fun layout with random, funny shots of a child.

Place photos in the album. Once you have the photo divided into specific pages, place the photos into the page protector in the album where the finished payout will go. When you sit down to scrapbook, you can just flip through the album pages and see which pages need to be worked on. This is also a great way to organize memorabilia that you want to scrapbook with your photos.

I would love to hear about how others organize their photos. Share your ideas!