Sources for Parents and Students on the Internet

There are many sources on the internet for parents of all aged students, as well as children centered websites. Sesame Street ( has free educational games for the toddler aged child to help learn their ABC’s and 123’s, as well as help with their fine motor skills by typing and using a mouse. For the elementary aged student up through college, The National Counsel of Teachers (, has tons of information about anything which has to do with the English language, from reading comprehension, understanding literature, and improving writing skills; for all ages of children through adult.

If you are looking for homework help, try Did you know that yahoo has a search engine just for the young child? I found this out when I began teaching and my students told me about it and I thought it was the “coolest” thing the internet had to offer children. A place just for children to search for their own topics including help with homework!

Another source for children and parents are the websites related to the children educational magazines. The Mailbox is a magazine for teachers to share ideas on lesson plans, ready made hand outs, short stories, and activities in every subject. Parents can also use the magazine to reinforce troubling concepts in a fun, innovative way without spending much time making up plans.

Remember when you would ask the teacher how to spell a word and they would say those famous words, “Look it up.” Well now parents and students can with a click of a mouse. The Merriam-Webster publishing company offers a free dictionary for kids, With colorful graphics and real children’s faces on cartoon bodies, the website is set up like a school. From the hallway to the first floor, music room, and bulletin boards; a very creative concept to get children to “look up” the questionable word.