Speak of the Dove-L

(In case you didn’t get that subject line, it’s a play on the phrase “Speak of the devil.”)

Wow! No sooner had I written a blog entry (May 29, 2006) about Dove health and beauty products than I received a wonderful surprise from them! When my husband brought in the mail yesterday he tossed an envelope from Dove on my desk. Little did I know what surprises awaited me when I finally opened it this morning!

Because of the flatness of the envelope I pretty much expected a few thin sample packets, maybe a few coupons thrown in along with them.

In actuality it is a sort of Dove magazine, called Dimensions. See, it’s not always a bad idea to allow yourself to be added to company mailing lists, because they sometimes send nice things like this at random!

Allow me to share with you what I received in this envelope!


First, the magazine guide celebrates mother-daughter relationships, and shares all sorts of ideas for mothers to connect with their daughters. It also has ideas on how to create and reinforce a positive outlook on beauty.


Several coupons amounting to $4.25 worth of products, including:

  • Save $0.75 on any four (4) Dove Beauty Bars or any one (1) Dove Beauty Wash
  • Save $1.50 on any one (1) Dove Hand and Body Lotion product
  • Save $1 on any one (1) Dove Anti-perspirant/Deodorant (I highly recommend these products—they are wonderful!)
  • Save $1 on any one (1) Dove Shampoo or Conditioner

Product Samples

Four (4) sample packets of New Dove Advanced Care Sheer Moisture and Dove Advanced Care Therapy shampoo and conditioner

And last, but certainly not least, my favorite part of the package…

Magnetic poetry!

Well, it’s not exactly magnetic poetry, but it’s close enough. It’s a sheet of 38 magnetic words to show your loved ones the power of words, and to encourage them to express their innermost feelings.

I’m a writer and poet, and have always enjoyed scrambling magnetic words around my refrigerator. I even have a set of popular proverbs split in the middle, so that you can make funny proverbs out of them by mixing them up. So, to receive this little surprise in the mail was quite a joy for me, and I am excited to use them! I’m sure they will help to make mine and my family’s day a little more positive.

Don’t always hesitate to check or uncheck the boxes that may allow the company to send you more samples, because you may miss out on fun things like this!