Special Needs Podcast Roundup – Week of July 12, 2011

headphones There are so many resources out there for parents who have children with special needs. Podcasts are an often overlooked source of information. This week’s Special Needs Podcast Roundup includes: author interviews, a glimpse into the life of a family with nine adopted special needs children, a conversation about stem cells, a parenting course, a lunch chat about a resource center, and more.

The Parenting Plate Podcast released an episode on June 7, 2011. This episode has an interview with Jolene Philo, author of the book “Different Dream Parenting: A Practical Guild to Raising a Child with Special Needs”. The author worked with special needs students during her 25 years as a teacher, and has a child who was born with a life threatening birth defect that required multiple surgeries over the years.

Raising Arizona Kids Magazine Podcast has a conversation with Ceci Christenson, a teenager who has undergone treatment for a blood cell disorder. The conversation includes information about a simple test that could save the lives of people searching for a stem cell match.

Evangelical Homes of Michigan Podcast has an interview with resident Kay Burns. Her daughter and son-in-law have adopted nine special needs children. Ms. Burns talks about what their life, and their experiences, are like.

Bella’s House Community News & Able Parent Podcast released an episode on July 1, 2011. This episode is called “Finding the joy in parenting your special needs child”. It is the first of a series of online training courses offered by Able Parent. It will cost $15.00 to take this course, (as an introductory price).

Our Special Families podcast has a “lunch chat” that was recorded on June 24, 2011. Parents sent in their questions about life with a special needs child, that were answered by an expert who was on the show.

SpecialKidSchoolTalk Podcast released an episode on July 10, 2011. The episode is called “Holistic Treatment for Special Needs Kids”. Dr. Kari interviews Lilyan Campbell, who is a licensed psychotherapist, marriage and family therapist, and family coach. Ms. Campbell focuses on body-mind-spirit in her approach.

The Coffee Klatch podcast has an episode that aired on July 10, 2011. This episode has an interview with Solome Tibebu, the founder of the Anxiety in Teens organization. She talks about her own struggles as a teenager who experienced severe anxiety.

The Parenting Podcast released an episode on July 11, 2011, that features an interview with Dr. Patrick McGrath. He is the author of “The OCD Answer Book”. The topic of this episode is “helping children who have OCD”.

Image by inkynobaka on Flickr