Special Needs Podcast Roundup – Week of June 29, 2011

headphones Podcasts can be excellent resources for parents of children who have special needs. You can listen to an episode that is focused on the special need that your child has. You can learn about things in the news relevant to children who have special needs. Sometimes, you can listen in as another parent describes his or her experiences raising a special needs child. But first, you have to find the podcasts. Here are a few good ones to check out this week.

Beyond the Box has part two of their discussion about a news story that they started in the previous episode of their podcast. The news article talks about a mother and son who were escorted from a service at their church when the boy, who has special needs, made a vocal outburst that was considered to be “distracting”. This episode aired June 24, 2011.

The Coffee Klatch Special Needs Radio podcast describes itself as “a virtual cup of coffee for parents of special needs children.” In June, they did several episodes that you will want to check out.

Today, June 29, 2011, there is an interview with Priscilla Gilman, author of the book “The Anti-Romantic Child: A Story of Unexpected Joy”. She talks about the challenges of raising her son who has hyperlexia.

On June 26, 2011 there is an episode featuring Joel Yanofsky, father of son who has autism. He has written about his struggle to enter his son’s world.

Those are just a few of their most recent episodes. On July 10, 2011, they will be doing an episode focusing on teens who struggle with severe anxiety.

Special Kid School Talk is hosted by Dr. Kari Miller. The podcast talks about ways that parents and professionals can support kids who have different types of special needs so that they can be academically successful.

An episode called “Strengthening Family Relationships in Special Needs Families” aired on June 19, 2011. The episode focuses on helping families learn how to take steps to develop a healthy family identity outside of special needs.

Earlier this month, on June 5, 2011, this podcast did an episode called “Does Your Child Have Auditory Processing, Autism, or ADHD?” In this episode, Dr. Kari interviews Dr. Allison Kawa, who is a child psychologist. They discuss differences in diagnosis of these three types of special needs.

Family Health Radio does quick, two and a half minute episodes. They recently did an episode describing the “Special Needs of a Diabetic Athlete”. I’m not sure if this focuses on adults or children who have diabetes, but thought it might be a good resource either way.

Image by gcg2009 on Flickr