Specialty Products for Left-handed Individuals

While left-handed scissors have been around for a while, exciting new products are now available to make life easier for left-handed individuals. Some of these items children won’t need until later, but it’s good to know these items are available. Others, your children might find helpful now, or you may find useful if you are left-handed.


Many people don’t realize that words and pictures printed on a typical mug are not visible when the mug is held in the left hand. Left-handed mugs feature pictures and sentiments on the opposite side, or on both sides, for use by lefties and righties alike.


The binding on a typical notebook is exactly where a left-handed individual needs to place his or her hand to write. Simply turning it the other way would make it upside down, if the pages are lined.

Address Books

Because left-handed people tend to hold a book with the right hand, and turn pages with the left, these address books are made to work that way. They start the alphabet at the opposite end of the book, making names easier to find.

Computer Mouse and Keyboard

It makes perfect sense that a left-handed mouse would be more convenient, but many people don’t think of a keyboard as being right-handed, since it is operated with both hands. However, the number pad is located on the right, which makes it uncomfortable for left-handed people to use.

Fruit and Vegetable Peeler

Like knives, peelers tend to have blades that face opposite of what is comfortable and efficient for a left-handed person. Peelers are available in a left-handed version, or a double-edged design, which can be used by anyone.

Hand-held Can Openers

What could be more awkward than trying to open a can with your weakest hand? A left-handed can opener allows an individual to hold the opener with the right hand and turn the handle with the left.


Did you ever notice that knives usually have a serrated edge on the left side when the knife faces away? Left-handed knives are serrated on the right for easier cutting.

New products emerge every day, but left-handers have yet to find a left-hand turnstile. Maybe someday soon!