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When it comes down to it, a scrapbook layout is really an adventure in storytelling. Photos, embellishments, memorabilia, captions and journaling all help recount a special memory and preserve it for years to come.

With Halloween just around the corner, now is the time to start strategizing holiday layouts. Consider how you want to tell the tale of your All Hallows’ Eve festivities. For example, if you want to put an emphasis on photos rather than write out lengthy journaling blocks, consider spicing up the shots by taking them from unique angles. Experiment with some extreme close ups and or go wide for an exaggerated look. If your costumed kiddos are young, drop to their level to take larger than life portraits. You could also stand on a rock or stool and shoot down at your motely crew to change up the perspective and add humor to the picture.

Another option is to really embrace the storytelling technique by documenting your son or daughter’s transformation from ordinary kid to scary werewolf or pretty princess. Remember to take shots of every step of the process. Don’t forget to take photos of the make-up or jazz up the photos by snapping reflections in the mirror of your child being made into a spooktacular creature. When you are ready to create the layout, place the pictures in chronological order and embellish the page with stickers, stamps or die cuts in the shape of your costumed character. Or, add a few mementos of the night, such as feathers from a Big Bird getup or tufts of fur from a puppy costume.

Finally, since most of the Halloween action takes place after sunset, consider dedicating a page design to nighttime festivities. To document the experience, use the night mode on your camera. It should illuminate your subject with the flash, but also allow for ambient light to show in the background, which can create a spooky color shift. Another way to spice up your Halloween layouts is to convert your pictures to black and white or sepia to add a mysterious look.

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