Spice Up Your Journaling

Do you ever finish a scrapbook and decide that the final touch needed is some journaling? You want to come up with some quirky or inspirational words, something that stands out. You want to be clever and creative with your words yet nothing comes to mind.

At times I get tired of writing the same boring stuff. “This picture was taken on the Dungeon Ride.” Wow, exciting. I think that could be figured out without me writing it down. So how about something interesting?

I ran across some great websites where I don’t have to do any thinking. Everlasting Scrapbooks.com has some great things. They have poems, sayings, quotes and phrases. You have so much to choose from.

Of course, you can dig deep inside yourself and pull out something that makes your journaling more exciting. Information and facts are boring. What about writing how a person felt? Or you could write about how an event impacted a person’s life.

Just as an example, going back to my dungeon ride…instead of writing how my children rode on it, I could write that my daughter has declared she will never go on another rollercoaster as long as she lives. Now that didn’t really happen but I’m just using it as an example.

Sometimes you have to put yourself in someone else’s shoes when you are journaling. Instead of looking at it from your perspective, imagine you are a great-grandchild, going through your great-grandparent’s scrapbook. What would you want to know?

Remember that scrapbooks are meant to be shared generations later. So you want to make it something that will have meaning for future generations.

If you do a Google search online, you can find all kinds of things to write in your scrapbook if you can’t come up with something on your own. But you might also try asking the people who are in the picture. Talk to your husband and ask him what he would like to share about an experience. Allow your children to give their input or write in their own thoughts. Make journaling in your scrapbook a collaborative effort.

But more than anything, give your journaling some spice.

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