Spicing Up Pregnancy Shots

The key to shooting stellar pregnancy shots is preparation. As I mentioned in a previous blog, your goal is to make your expectant subject as comfortable as possible. To do so, consider having a face-to-face or phone meeting prior to the shoot. The discussion is meant to prepare your subject for what’s ahead. For example, you might suggest that the mom-to-be not wear tight fitting clothing or pants with elastic waists, which can leave impressions on her skin. This is especially important if your subject is requesting semi-nude photos or pictures of her bare belly.

Other tips to recommend to your pregnant subject:

Make-up: Have her keep it to a minimum. Pregnant women have a natural glow, so they don’t need a ton of cosmetics to make them look good. In addition, expectant mothers should be advised to not wear make-up that shimmers. If you are shooting with professional lights, they can cause perspiration, so it’s a good idea to have some light powder on hand for touch-ups.

Colors: Suggest to the mom-to-be that she stick with neutral colors. Pregnant women should not be photographed in bright colors. Rather, have her select basic black, white or other subdued shades.

Poses: Have fun with a variety of different poses. After all, pregnancy shots don’t have to be limited to a woman placing her hands on her bulging belly. Some unique pregnancy poses include:

*Child kissing mother’s pregnant belly

*Baby’s father cradling partner’s pregnant belly

*Pregnant woman and partner embracing

*Child with hand on mother’s belly

*Father and other children surrounding mother’s pregnant belly

Props: If the expectant mom doesn’t feel comfortable having others in the photo, then include spice up the shot with props that help enhance the pregnancy, including:

*Baby booties

*Teddy bear

*Foods that the mom-to-be is craving

*Baby blanket

*Silver baby spoon

Once you get everything in place, try to make the shoot as relaxing as possible. Don’t rush the shots. Doing so will only reduce the chances of snapping high quality pregnancy photos.

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