Spicing Up Your Stickers at Home

In a previous blog I shared my love of customized scrapbook stickers. Whereas they are more expensive than the pre-fab types, they are often worth every penny, especially if you have spent countless hours trying to track down a certain sticker to no avail.

Harley-Davidson does an outstanding job creating custom scrapbook stickers. You can get practically any type bike in adhesive form, plus you can further personalize the sticker by adding names, dates or favorite sayings on it. But, again, this type of service costs a pretty penny.

I live on a tight budget, but I love, love me some custom stickers. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can make custom stickers at home for less than half of what you would pay if you ordered them from a fancy company.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to make custom scrapbook stickers is to download or design your own clipart and print your favorite images on adhesive paper. Thanks to the popularity of digital scrapbooking finding free clipart is easier than ever. Some of my favorite places to find free clipart images include: ScrapbookScrapbook.com, ClipArtandCrafts.com, LeeHansen.com, ComputerScrapbooking.com and Dreamstime.com.

To make the incredible images on these websites into scrapbook stickers, simply downloaded the clipart, adjust the size of the images on your computer to fit your layout, and then print them on adhesive paper. You can also change the color and orientation of the clipart images using different graphics programs, but I typically rush through a scrapping session, so I have yet to experiment with that option.

What I have spent some time doing is making stickers from my favorite photos. To do so, look through your favorite shots. If it is a traditional photo, you will have to scan the image, and then use a photo editing program to crop the image and adjust the size to make sure it fits your page design. Then, print it on adhesive paper, cut it out and add it to your layout.

Do you make custom stickers at home?

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