Spin Your Web

With her extensive background in education, theater, and music, Mary Kaye has once again used her talents to produce her third album, “Spin Your Web.” The title song, “Spin Your Web,” is all about different animals and bugs and the jobs that they do. I had never heard Mary Kaye’s music before I received a copy of “Spin Your Web,” and I have to say that it is like nothing I’ve ever heard. .

Mary Kaye can relate to children as well as their parents and it is a refreshing sound, especially since all of her songs are original works. Her song “Child” is all about everything a child is to a parent. Mary sings of wanting to give this child so much and that this child is the most special thing in the parent’s life. I really felt this song and I think it is my favorite on this CD. “Waiting” is definitely a song that a child can relate to — or any adult who has stood in line at the DMV. It is all about how waiting is not fair and how it is boring. I tend to agree.

I read in one of her reviews that her vocals are similar to Natalie Merchant and I think that is pretty accurate as far as the sound of her voice. In some songs, I think she also sounds a little like Carole King whose music I also like. I hope she takes that as a compliment! I have noticed another thing about Mary Kaye, and that is the way that she pronounces her words. Her diction is absolutely fabulous, as she pronounces each consonant and vowel to make sure that it is heard. Mary also uses all different styles of music which is a real treat on a children’s CD.

When I first popped this CD into the player, I had my daughter standing here next to me. Of course, when she heard the word “spin” she shouted, “‘Pin!” and began to spin around in circles. After she fell over, she picked herself back up and started to dance, clapping her hands and smiling. I say that “Spin Your Web” is a definite hit with the kids and parents.

“Spin Your Web” is available from CDBaby, Amazon, and The AV Cafe. You can also purchase Mary’s other two CD’s — “I Sang It Just for You” and “Mouse Jamboree” — from these sites.

For more information about Mary Kaye, please visit MaryKayeMusic.com.

“Spin Your Web” Track Listing

  • Spin Your Web
  • B.B. Dickinson
  • Shadow
  • Pig Party
  • Porcupine Path
  • Child
  • The Skeleton Song
  • Let’s Get Dressed
  • Ten Robins
  • Waiting
  • Building a Ladder
  • Soup
  • Blueberry Dreams