Spirograph Artistry Contest

Does anyone remember the original Spirograph back in the day? If you were among those that were old enough to pick up a pen back in the late 60’s or early 70s, you do. What a fantastic toy it was!

Sound Feelings Publishing, a company based in California, is looking for new designs to put in their “Spirograph Multicolor Instruction Booklet”. The winners of the contest, 47 in all, will receive cash prizes ranging from $20 to $450 along with their name, if desired, and their design in the booklet.

To enter the Spirograph Multicolor Design Art Contest you will need to purchase a new style 10-cartridge pen. The Spirograph Multicolor Pen can be purchased for $5.99 plus $1.80 for shipping. The original pen that came with the Spirograph Art Set contained only four colors, black, blue, red and green. This new style multicolor pen contains yellow, light blue, pink, purple, brown, orange, black, blue, red and green, which allows for even greater creativity with color.

The Spirograph Multicolor Design Art Contest is on right now and the deadline is set for October 5, 2010. To read further details on this unique contest for your child you can visit the Sound Feelings Publishing website.

If you have a budding Picasso at home that is intrigued with creating awesome works of art then enter them into the Spirograph Multicolor Design Art Contest and give them a chance to be a part of the new “Spirograph Multicolor Instruction Booklet” and see their new in print next to their unique design. This, along with a cash prize, would be an accomplishment and thrill for them to be a part of.

Bring back the memories of childhood for yourself and introduce your child to the toys that you used to have that were so well loved.

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