Spongy Easter Wreath

Here’s a cute idea using fluffy bath sponges to make a wreath for Easter. You will need from 4 to 12 new bath sponges depending on their size and the size of wreath you’d like to make. The fluffier ones work best, and you can choose bath sponges that are all the same color or select a variety of colors. Pastels are perfect for Easter, and mixing in a few white ones creates a nice effect as well.

All you have to do is tie the bath sponges together at the handles, pulling the strings toward the back so they won’t show. You can also use elongated braided mesh bath sponges. This type of spongy measures about 12″ long, so you can simply tie one end to end for a small wreath, or use two or more to make a larger wreath. These come in solid colors or in multi-color braids.

Bath Sponges

For small wreaths that use only about four to six sponges, you shouldn’t need any kind of framing. For large wreaths, and those made with several of the longer braided sponges, you can hot glue each piece to a wreath form, if you need something to make them sturdier to help them keep the wreath shape. Foam wreath forms work fine, but you can use any style, or you can glue the bath sponges to an embroidery hoop or any other sturdy, round form.

All that’s left to do is decorate your wreath to give it some Easter charm. Add pretty artificial flowers, satin bows, wrap some wired ribbon around the wreath, or tie a large bow. You can also add some glitter, glue on some plastic Easter eggs, or attach a cute bunny or some Easter candies. Scrapbook cutouts can also be found in many adorable varieties and these can be attached to your wreath to dress it up as well. How fancy you decide to make your wreath is entirely up to you.

*You can of course use these directions to make similar wreaths for other holidays.