Spotlight on Two Wives: Dale Harcombe and Jade Walker

I’ve had some news regarding both ladies that I’ve wanted to share, but I wasn’t sure how to frame it in a blog until this morning. I hope once you read the following, you’ll join me in extending well wishes to them both.


If you follow Dale’s work over in the Christian Blog, you might have seen Valorie’s post “Our Prayers are with Dale.”

It pretty much sums up what Valorie had written to me in a private email when she explained why I’d be flying solo the next month or so here in Marriage. Dale had broken her elbow in a fall which required surgery and her absence from writing on the computer for a while.


But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about Dale, she’ll find a way to incorporate her experience into her writing. From other blogs she’s written about him and the caring things he does for her, I’m expecting she might have tales of how her dear Mick pitched in to help out while she was down and out.

(Some of my favorite Dale and Mick blogs include: “When Problems Come,” “Are Men Really the Weaker Sex?”, “That Extra Ingredient,” “What Works on the Court and in Marriage,” “Creating a Date Night,” “A Symbol of Love,” and “Three Little Words.”)

I’m just hoping I didn’t transfer any of my black cloud cooties her way!

Get better soon, Dale. We miss you!


Okay, Jade isn’t technically a “wife” yet, but her and her beau (as she often likes to refer to him in her comments here) often seem like a husband and wife duo already.

Well, on Saturday she sent me an email with this subject line: “An Engaging Halloween.”

My mind was still stuck on my spooky Halloween dilemma, so I thought she was just sending me a link to an article as she’s often prone to do.

I was delighted to see that she was actually writing to tell me about how her beau had very romantically proposed to her and officially presented her with the ring she’d talked about picking out in a comment she’d made on another blog.

This year, I dressed up as Dr. Love (I’m not a real doctor but I play one on Halloween) and [my beau] donned his handsome Renaissance Faire outfit. In the dark of night, he took to one knee and surprised me with a bouquet of roses — three blood red and three snow white. Buried deep within the greenery was a small white box containing a stunning sapphire and diamond ring.

And when he asked me to be his wife, I said yes. ~-Excerpted from Jade’s email to me-~

Oh, how romantic!

Congratulations, Jade!

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