Spring and Summer mean Color

There’s just something about the sounds and scents of spring and summer. But, what about the sights? Everything is fresh and new and filled with vibrant color.

Does that include your home?

One of the ways many people welcome warm weather is by changing the look and feel of their homes to mimic spring and summer. We like to bring the outdoors in with more casual furnishings and accessories as well as flowers and plants.

This is simple to achieve with just a few strategically placed bursts of color. By adding colors such as those found outdoors in nature, we lighten and brighten the feel of indoor spaces. New hand towels in the kitchen and bath can make a difference and are of course affordable, simple to use options.

We can also “lighten up” by removing fabrics and other items that are practical during cooler months but tend to feel too heavy during milder weather. Open up shades, blinds, and heavy curtains as well, and let the sunshine in.

Fresh flowers may be the best way to brighten a space and make it more cheery. We sometimes pick wildflowers and arrange our own bouquets, or pick various flowers that we plant in our yard, to bring them indoors. A small bouquet of fresh flowers doesn’t usually cost too much, so if you don’t have flowers you can pick, splurge once in a while on a colorful bouquet.

You can also pick up flowering plants in regular or hanging pots at your favorite nursery, garden center, or store that offers gardening supplies. Some grocery stores even offer a small outdoor garden center this time of year. In fact, one of the grocery stores nearby has the best selection of flowering plants I’ve seen so far, all at reasonable prices.

What’s your favorite way to welcome warm weather?

Change the Feel of a Space