Spring Break Sanity Savers

This weekend marks the beginning of spring break for tens of thousands of students across the country. It also marks the beginning of “Save our Sanity Week” for the tens of thousands of parents who are now tasked with the job of entertaining their children for an entire week while teachers enjoy a break from the duty.

If your child is off this week and you are looking for fun activities that will keep him occupied and help preserve your sanity, consider the following:

Paper Bag Puppets: This activity is cheap, easy and fun. Have all of your kids create paper bag puppets, so they can put on a show for you or the entire extended family at Easter. All you need for this project is a bunch of paper bags in a variety of sizes. Have the kids decorate them with yarn, markers, glitter, construction paper, stickers, etc. They can make the bags into people or animals, and then write a play so that each puppet has a part.

Coffee Filter Flowers: This is another cheap and easy craft that is perfect for spring. If your tulips and daffodils have yet to blossom, then let your kids make their own flower bouquets from coffee filters. You’ll need markers or crayons, coffee filters, and pipe cleaners. To get started have your child draw designs or simply color the coffee filters. Next, fold the filters in half, and then in fourths, so that you have a somewhat pointed end. Finally, wrap a pipe cleaner around the end, leaving plenty of extra length for the flower stem.

Flower Pots: Now that you have a bouquet of pretty coffee filter flowers, consider making a decorative pot to place them in. Give your child a small terra cotta pot to paint. Once the paint dries he can embellish it with stickers, glitter glue, sequins or fabric. Then, place a small piece of floral oasis in the pot and insert the coffee filter flowers. The pot can then be placed on the dining room table as an adorable centerpiece.

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