Spring Clean Your Scrapbook Space

Have you seen the viral video featuring the woman who lives in a 90-square-foot studio in Manhattan? Sure, it’s located across from Lincoln Center and a block from Central Park, but the place is smaller than most suburban bedroom closets.

Lucky for her, she’s a professional organizer and her dad’s a bankruptcy attorney, so she knows how to make do with few things, and the items she does have are perfectly placed throughout the tiny apartment.

Her story got me thinking about spring cleaning my scrapbook space. Sadly, my little scrapbooking nook is about the same size as the woman’s entire NYC apartment, but it is far messier. With a little time and effort I could easily purge the space and make my little craft corner a slice of scrapbooking heaven.

I also need a little bit of money to purchase some organizational gear. For starters, I could use a few more plastic drawer units. These clear, stacked bins are the perfect size to store 12×12 scrapbook paper. What’s more, each drawer is fairly deep so you can store quite a bit of paper. Just be sure to make the most of your new space by sorting the paper by type, theme, or color. You can then label each drawer, so you know exactly where your Christmas, birthday, seasonal and travel-themed scrapbook paper is. The inexpensive drawers also allow you to remove a single piece of paper at a time, or if you need multiple pieces, you can remove the entire drawer and carry it over to your craft table.

If you have a few more bucks to spend and a few more feet of storage space to work with, then consider investing in filing cabinets that can accommodate 12×12 scrapbook paper sheets. These oversized filing systems are available in most craft stores, but they can be somewhat expensive. If you scrapbook for a living or you simply have a large collection of paper, it may be worth purchasing an advanced system like this. You could easily get your money’s worth if you have a lot of odd-shaped pieces of paper or you tend to stock up on supplies during post-holiday sales.

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