Spring Cleaning: Moldy Items

Mold is my enemy. I can’t stand the sight or smell of the disgusting fungi. Unfortunately, mold can grow on virtually any organic substance, especially when damp and dark conditions prevail. What’s more, mold presents itself in a variety of colors including white, gray, red, pink, green blue and brown. People who are only concerned with black mold are fooling themselves, as all types of the fungi can be potentially harmful.

Besides harming individuals with upper respiratory problems, mold and mildew can strike healthy people as well. For instance, when mold covers outside walkways or decks, the areas can become very slippery and cause serious falls. In addition, if mold is allowed to build-up on wood surfaces it can cause wood rot. Mold growth can also ruin outdoor cushions on patio furniture, as well as awnings and canvas seat covers.

Homeowners need to be vigilant in the battle against mold. Fortunately, there is a litany of commercial mold cleaners on the market, including 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner. The product is designed to remove mold from most exterior surfaces. It consistently gets high marks for being biodegradable. This means it’s safe to use around plants and grassy areas.

JoMaX is another popular brand of mold cleaner. The products can be used indoors or out, though I have only experimented with the outdoor cleaners. My favorites are the Multi-Purpose Exterior Cleaner and Brightener and the Mold and Mildew Shield. Other products in the line include JoMaX House Wash and Mildew Stain Remover, JoMaX Roof Cleaner and Mildew Stain Remover and Add 2 – Mildewcide Additive.

If you are looking to rid mold from your boat you might consider Boatlife Mildew Remover. It contains a number of natural mold cleaners and is favored by those who don’t like to use chlorine or acid to clean items on their boats, including seat covers and life vests.

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