Spring Cleaning: What To Do After You Purge Your Closets

Currently, it is –5 degrees Fahrenheit in my neck of the woods (-26 degrees with the windchill). Nowhere near spring-like temperatures, but that’s not stopping me from continuing my “spring cleaning” project. Last week, I told you that I was purging my home in an effort to find space for all the goodies we received over the holidays. Today I worked on the front closet and my daughter’s closet.

The latter was a lot more challenging than the former. My daughter had a major growth spurt during our recent trip to Hawaii (she went from fitting into 2T’s to now fitting into a few size 4 items). I am now left with dozens of outfits she will never use. Most I will pack away with the hope that someday she will have sister to wear them. The others were tossed in a bin where they will remain while I consider my options.

***The following options can be applied to any item of clothing you own that no longer fits or will never come back in style (think MC Hammer pants and head scarves).***

Donate. You can give your ill-fitting work clothes to Dress For Success, which collects business attire for low-income women. Your old formalwear items can be given to the Glass Slipper Project. Or, you can give just about anything to organizations such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army. To give in bulk consider throwing a “De-Clutter Party.” A “De-Clutter Party” is exactly what its name suggests… an opportunity to de-clutter your home and inspire your friends and family to do the same. You can get step-by-step instructions on how to throw one by clicking here.

Consignment Stores. If you want to make some money off selected clothing items that are clean and in good condition consider taking them to a consignment store. In most cases you can make 40% to 60% of a sale if your item is bought.

Ebay. The world’s largest online “flea-market” is another way you can make money off of new and used apparel. Ebay experts say the key to attracting buyers is to “photograph the back and front of your item on a body or form; be sure the photo is well lit and against a plain, light-colored background. Always state if the item is new or used, the brand and size. Finally, note any damage, no matter how small.”

Swap. Organize your own swap meet between a group of friends or family members.

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